At VIP Box we specialise in photo and video entertainment for private events (weddings, anniversaries, gatherings) and professional events (seminars, New Year’s Eve parties, etc.).

Our name comes from our main photo booth: the VIP Box, an innovative design that has made us who we are.

The concept is simple: a photo booth without the booth! Guests stand in front of the VIP Box, press the button and the photos are instantly printed put, and can be shared via email or be posted on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, etc.

Advantages of the VIP BOX

  • And elegant, personalised design
  • High speed development: between 6 and 8 seconds.
  • Personalised printing.
  • Exceptional photo quality (REFLEX camera and lighting made in collaboration with internationally renowned photographers).
  • On-line Photo Booth: with WIFI and 4G connection – Photos shared via email, FB, Pinterest, etc.
  • Ultra-simple touchscreen.
  • Chroma keying/green screen available.
  • Photo Booth installation in less than 10 minutes.
  • Video mode and “The Question Box” mode.
  • Customised graphic interphase.
  • System options to fit your taste.
  • Use it while sitting or standing, and in vertical or horizontal formats.
  • Safely secured to the floor.
  • And most of all, a qualified team always at your disposal.

The VIP Box is today’s best-loved photo entertainment equipment and without a doubt the best open air Photo Booth on the market. We also provide other photo and video entertainment to complement or be an alternative to the VIP Box at your celebration: photocall, the external touchscreen printing terminal, Green Screen, Polaroïd, “The Question Box”, light painting, Lip dub, etc.

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Our alternative photo and video entertainment choices

  • Photo Call
  • Paparazzi Photo
  • Photo Studio
  • “Seflie Share”
  • Green Screen
  • Flip Book
  • Installation of instant-print touch terminals.
  • “The Question Box”
  • Video Slow Motion
  • Polaroïd Photo

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Photo and video entertainment for team building

We also offer team building activities involving photo and video. Teamwork projects, for fun or for bonding.

  • Team Building Lip Dub
  • Team Building Lip Dub Express
  • Team Building Cinema – Short Film.